The Team

Who We Are



" Classic With A Twist "

If I have to describe SUIT, this is how SUIT looks like. We seek for new ways to dine with the respect of the classic. Here in our shop, we do everything with style. 




Shop Manager

“Never say never, fight til forever.”


Before getting into coffee industry, I was working in Banking Service industry. I think now is time for me to jump out of my comfort zone and to restart my second half of life.

I like the process of searching "special" specialty coffee. It means finding out special processing, special farm, special roast, all kinds of special will come to an unique. So, you are welcome to come and let me tell you the specialty of different coffee.




" The best coffee is the coffee you like "

Latte art is the reason that I started to be a barista. Being a barista motivates my passion on creating beautiful latte-art. A few years later, I realised that a cup of good coffee is not just about the impressive latte art, but the brewing method of the coffee. Everyone is unique so as one's taste preference. I can help you to find your "best coffee".

Besides making coffee, I am a dog lover and I am interested in investigate different kind of iphone case , so I can help you to find you "best iphone case". You are welcome to bring your dog here for a date with me and share about your remarkable moments.





Coffee - the gasoline of life.

For me, coffee has become almost meditative and I utilise it as a calming presence in my life. - It’s how I recharge my energy.

Our work as barista is an important link in the coffee chain because we transmit the love and dedication of the producers. - “As coffee isn’t just a transaction but an expression of personal desire.”