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About Us

It’s all about taste,
fragrance and
brewing process.

Ever since Ray was a little boy, he found his emotion was positively affected
after enjoying a pleasant beverage and refreshment, so he keeps pursuing the
extraordinary and exquisite taste around the globe.
While Ray was studying aboard, he found that the aroma of a coffee perfectly
perked him up in the mornings. This amazing experience aroused his interest
to dig into the coffee community. Ray was also fascinated by the Japanese
Culture, particularly on the quality persistence and meticulous production
process, and Sake brewing process thoroughly illustrate these supreme
attitudes, so he has devoted himself to learning the knowledge of sake.


After taking several professional and advanced courses in Coffee and
Sake, Ray equipped with a secret recipe for brewing the best cup. So he
decided to create a hub in his hometown, Hong Kong, where could satisfy
everyone’s olfactory bulb by providing an unusual dinging experience with the
refreshments suit their taste and personality.

A cozy environment, prime tasting time, satisfying aroma, perfect portion, precise
temperature and bespoke service experience, it all adds up to an exquisite
experience that suits you best.
With the first concept store set up at a leisure corner in Central, it’s time to take
a break from this busy city. Taste our tailor-made drinks slowly and breathe out
deeply, let the aroma move across the entire tongue to pick up every level of flavor
for an unforgettable aftertaste experience.

An exquisite
experience that
suits you best.